Medical Equipment Planning Biomedical Engineering

TAHPI provides a comprehensive Medical Equipment Planning and Biomedical Engineering service, “TAHPI-MEQ”

TAHPI’s HFBS web-based software platform includes the “Briefing” and “Purchasing” Modules which enables the scheduling and specifications of all types of equipment (medical/ non-medical/ medical furniture) as well as all other FF&E items.


The TAHPI MEQ specialists have a clear understanding of the clinical needs required for the specialized process of Healthcare Equipment Planning. They also have an in-depth knowledge of budgeting, medical planning and building process. The services are scalable to suit the project anywhere in the world.


All health facility types are covered including Hospitals, Clinics, Health Centres, Day Surgery Centres, Dental Centres, Rehabilitation Centres, Laboratories, Clean rooms, Sterilization facilities, Pharmacies, Simulation Centres etc.


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Our MEQ team has experience specific to healthcare facilities

Medical Equipment Planning Process

  • Medical Equipment Technology Report details the types and complexity of the medical equipment technology recommended to meet the project’s current and future requirements
  • Medical Equipment Schedule is used to list all items required by room location and department
  • Room Data Sheets (RDS) specify room sizes and critical dimensions as well as the service connections required for the equipment.
  • Room Layout Sheets (RLS) accurately show the equipment in each room, in large 1:50 scale with all service outlets (power, data, gas, ventilation, drainage etc) indicated and labelled.
  • Medical Equipment Technical Specifications detail the requirements of each item, capable of selection from a minimum of 3 possible brands.
  • Medical Equipment Brand selection follows the tender and negotiation process


Medical Equipment Tendering

  • Based on medical equipment technical specifications
  • List of top 3 manufacturers per medical equipment schedule
  • Identification of warranty and training requirements for each equipment
  • Identification of enabling work provided by the main contractor


Medical Equipment Procurement

  • Classification of items by procurement groups:
    • Group 1- Supplied and installed by main contractor
    • Group 2- Supplied by the client and installed by the contractor
    • Group 3- Supplied and installed by the client or by a contractor directly engaged by the client.
  • Purchased Orders (PO) and Procurement of medical equipment
  • Delivery Schedule taking in to account the equipment lead times, Architectural / Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing impact and the construction progress


Medical Equipment Inspections and Certification

  • Delivery, inspection, installation, commissioning and testing
  • Proper documentation of the medical equipment
  • Effortless and smooth hand over of Medical Equipment
  • Long term medical equipment maintenance services
  • Connectivity to HIS (Health Information System)


Other items which can be covered by Equipment scheduling and procurement

  • Medical Furniture
  • Non-medical Equipment
  • Non-medical Furniture
  • Fixtures and Fittings
Needs Analysis
Healthcare Service Planning
Healthcare Business Case Studies
Healthcare Briefing
Healthcare Master Planning
Medical Planning
Healthcare Architecture
Healthcare Interior Design
Healthcare Construction Documentation
Healthcare Specifications
Healthcare Project Management
Room Data Sheets
Room Layout Sheets
3D Fly-throughs and immersive Virtual Reality
Health Facility Standards and Guideline creation
Outsourced Licensing Application Review

التخطيط خدمة الرعاية الصحية
الرعاية الصحية الدراسات التجارية حالة
الرعاية الصحية إحاطة
الرعاية الصحية التخطيط ماستر
التخطيط الطبي
الرعاية الصحية العمارة
الرعاية الصحية التصميم الداخلي
وثائق البناء الرعاية الصحية
الرعاية الصحية المواصفات
إدارة المشاريع الصحية
أوراق البيانات الغرفة
صفائح تخطيط الغرفة
3D يطير الاقدام والواقع الافتراضي غامرة
معايير مرفق الصحة وخلق التوجيهي
الترخيص الاستعانة بمصادر خارجية مراجعة تطبيق

Xūqiú fēnxī
yīliáo fúwù guīhuà
yīliáo bǎojiàn qǐyè ànlì yánjiū
yīliáo jiǎnbào
yīliáo zǒngtǐ guīhuà
yīliáo jìhuà
yīliáo jiànzhú
yīliáo bǎojiàn shìnèi shèjì
yīliáo jiànzhú wéndàng
yīliáo bǎojiàn guīgé
yīliáo bǎojiàn xiàngmù guǎnlǐ
fáng shùjù biǎo
fángjiān bùjú biǎo
3D fēi dé lái hé chénjìn shì xūnǐ xiànshí
wèishēng shèshī biāozhǔn hé zhǐ

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