Health Service Planning Course

The Service Planning Certificate course will introduce you to the methodologies, theories, principles and tools behind the planning of health services.


Who Are The Courses For?

This course is offered exclusively for Health Authorities & is not available for General Public. Candidates must have:
• Familiarity with health service planning concepts and terms
• Familiarity with healthcare utilisation analysis and market evaluation
• Basic understanding of population statistics and projection
• Understanding the organisation and delivery of health services
• Understanding and application of geographic divisions to health planning analysis
• Basic capabilities in the use of Microsoft Office and web browsers
• Prior experience / knowledge of Health Facility Planning is desirable.

What Is The Structure of The Courses?

This course provides orientation on the following Service Planning Modules of the HFBS software platform:
• Demand Assessment Module
• Supply Capture Module
• Supply Planning Module
• Intelligence Report Module
• Certificate of Need Module
• HR Planning Module