International Health Facility Guidelines

TAHPI is the author of the popular International Health Facility Guidelines (iHFG) referenced by over 50 Countries.

iHFG is the encyclopedia of knowledge for the design of healthcare facilities and an indispensable reference for healthcare designers world-wide. iHFG is open-source and can be used freely on all types of healthcare projects, public or private subject to the terms of use. iHFG cannot be used to create other healthcare standards and guidelines without permission from TAHPI.


All health facility types and sizes are covered including Hospitals, Clinics, Health Centres, Day Surgery Centres, Dental Centres, Rehabilitation Centres, Medical Imaging, Laboratories, Clean rooms, Sterilization facilities, Pharmacies, support facilities etc.


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iHFG is an encyclopedia of information on health facility planning and design

Contents of iHFG

iHFG is organised under discrete “Parts” as follows:

  • Part A- Administrative Provisions
  • Part B- Health Facility Briefing and Design
  • Part C- Access, Mobility, Occupational Health and Safety
  • Part D- Infection Control
  • Part E- Engineering and Environmental Design
  • Part F- Service Planning and Costing
  • Part Q- Equipment Planning Guidelines
  • Part S- Service Planning Guidelines
  • Part W- Wayfinding Guidelines


Ready-to-use elements of iHFG

Part B of iHFG provides comprehensive ready-to-use elements including
Customizable to suit each country and its requirements

  • 50 Functional Planning Units (Health Facility Departments)
  • Standard Components
    • 500 Room Data Sheets (RDS) (all unique room types required in any facility)
    • 500 Room Lay Out Sheets (RLS) (full 1:50 scale designs for unique room types)
  • Schedule of Accommodation (SOA) (typical Space Programs for all FPU’s)
  • Role Delineation Matrix (a guide to the level of service provided by each facility)
  • Models of Care
  • Master Planning and Carparking guides


Health Facility Guidelines customization service

  • TAHPI customizes and adapts iHFG for immediate adoption by Health Authorities world-wide. TAHPI has adapted iHFG for use by 8 Health Authorities.
  • Customize Part A to match the local regulations and licensing requirements
  • Customize Part B to the local terminology and cultural expectations
  • Customize the Role Delineation Matrix to suit the local levels of services and health authority strategies
  • Customize the models of care to adapt to the health authority preferences and local culture
  • Customize after an industry consultation process
  • Provide education courses for the health industry as well as Health Authority staff
  • Maintain all other elements representing Internationally acceptable facilities and practices


Use iHFG with HFBS Software

  • iHFG’s FPU’s (Departments) and Standard Components (RDS and RLS) are created and hosted on TAHPI’s HFBS software Platform. By using the HFBS web-based software, professionals can access these iHFG elements in editable database format with drag and drop capability including the following:
  • Create quick project-specific Schedules of Accommodation (SOA) by a drag and drop process
  • Create quick and highly detailed Room Data Sheets (RDS) for your projects
  • Obtain Room Layout Sheets (RLS) for the room types required for your project in PDF, CAD and BIM formats
  • Print equipment schedules directly from the HFBS platform and based on iHFG
  • Generate up to 40 schedules for equipment, furniture, fittings, finishes, service outlets and more.
  • Save your project brief and re-use its elements for the next project
  • Pass on your knowledge to the next generation within your organization

TAHPI offers the A-Z of Health Planning Services

TAHPI services offered with Health Facility Guidelines can include:

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