Healthcare Technology

Healthcare is becoming more complex in a challenging environment where hospitals are expected to provide more services, faster, and budgets are under pressure. Medical Technology is viewed as a solution to improving productivity and control costs while maintaining the highest quality care. Current and future trends can anticipate:

  • Increasing use of medical technology in diagnosis and treatment
  • Increasing use of electronic medical records
  • Cloud based technology providing information and data in a more portable format
  • Increasing connectivity of patients and medical practitioners improving the sharing of information
  • Increasing use of robots

Advances in Medical technology do not always result in reduced needs for space. In this data driven environment there is an increased need for information and communications infrastructure. It is vital to design with flexibility for rapid change. TAHPI has the experience and specialised personnel to ensure medical technology and equipment is well planned and facilities are designed to be adaptable. TAHPI has delivered small and large facilities from the largest and busiest Emergency Departments in Australia to the latest digital integrated Operating Suites, Intensive Care and Radiotherapy Units.