Hospital Commissioning Course

This course follows the full spectrum of activities required for hospital commissioning and provides a robust set of tools that can help the health care organization receive patients and commence operations at the earliest possible time.


Who Are The Courses for?
• Healthcare Managers, Hospital Executive and Investors
• Project Managers & Project Directors
• Medical Planners, Architects and Interior Designers
• MEP Engineers & Equipment Planners
• Health Authority Officials

What Is The Structure of The Courses ?
The Hospital Commissioning Course is an intensive one that runs for a duration of 9 days, the topic covered are as follows:

• Introduction, Health Planning to Healthcare Delivery
• Clinical Service Planning (CSP)
• Operational Policy Development
• Human Resource Planning & Recruitment
• Medical Equipment Brand Selection and Procurement
• MEP Commissioning
• Hard and Soft FM Planning
• HIMS Selection, Customization and Implementation
• Book-keeping, Accounting and Financial Planning
• Accreditation and Certification
• Staff Training & Dry Runs
• Marketing and Promotion

About the Trainers

Aladin Niazmand
Health Facility Planner, Director, TAHPI
Aladin Niazmand has 32 years of experience as a specialist Health Planner.
He has personally designed over 150 hospital projects in a wide range of disciplines and was largely responsible for the development of the new Health Facility Guidelines for various countries across the globe. Aladin has been teaching various aspects of Health Planning and Hospital Commissioning for more than a decade.

Dr Muna Bassay
Commissioning Manager, TAHPI
Dr Muna Bassay is highly professional Healthcare executive with over 20 years’ experience, who has demonstrated continuous growth, achievements, and impressive leadership in the management of complex activities within the healthcare industry. She has solid business insight with the ability to ascertain and analyses needs, forecast goals, streamline operations, and envision new program concepts.

Harris Qureshi
Principal Mechanical Engineer, TAHPI
Harris Qureshi is a specialist MEP engineer focussing on healthcare projects.
Harris has in depth knowledge and experience in all stages of the
design construction, commissioning and delivery process as well as team
leadership capabilities. Harris is the co-author of some of the new Engineering
Guidelines for Healthcare facilities.

Reem Hanna
Senior Technology Planner, TAHPI

Reem Hanna is a healthcare professional with experience in project management, medical equipment planning, tendering, procurement, supervision of delivery, installation and commissioning. Reem has been involved in Equipment Planning and Procurement for numerous projects, large and small.