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Health Facility Briefing System

This web-based ‘rapid briefing, design and management tool’ is offered by TAHPI based on the best international Health Facility Guidelines customised for use in Australasia and the Middle East.


More information is at: http://www.healthdesign.com.au/infohub

HFBS Login: http://www.healthdesign.com.au

International Health Facility Guidelines

The new iHFG Health Facility Guidelines (iHFG) are available for viewing and free download through this web site. Users may download the guidelines in large PDF file bundles, or select only the relevant parts and associated components.


More information is at: http://healthdesign.com.au/ihfg

Health Projects International

Health Projects  International Pty. Limited (HPI) is an Australian based company working throughout the world, specialising in the planning, design and commissioning of Hospitals, Day Procedure Centres,  Medical Centres and other Healthcare Projects.


HPI website: http://hpi.net.au