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TAHPI has a dedicated team of interior designers with vast experience in healthcare projects.

Our specialist clinical interior designers have dealt with diverse clients and projects, giving them a thorough understanding of unique healthcare requirements and the marketplace. Most of TAHPI’s interior designers have a long background in hotel and resort design, with years of training at TAHPI for orientation to clinical environments and space requirements.


All health facility types are covered including Hospitals, Clinics, Health Centres, Day Surgery Centres, Dental Centres, Rehabilitation Centres, Laboratories, Clean rooms, Sterilization facilities, Pharmacies, Staff housing, Education centres, Lobbies, waiting areas, coffee shops, retail outlets and amenities etc.


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Our Interior Architecture team has experience specific to healthcare facilities

Interior Design Style & Policy

  • Creativity in thinking and options generation
  • Corporate Branding, themes and graphics
  • Calm, mature and future-proof
  • Avoid momentary trends
  • Hotel like atmosphere to enhance the patients’ experience
  • Optional modular prefabrication
  • Optional catalogue of Kit of Parts for large projects


Interior Design Methodology

  • Systematic and Coordinated approach
  • Research, Analysis and integration of knowledge
  • Integration with Medical Planning, Biomedical Engineering and Equipment Planning


Interior Design Elements

  • Impact of color
  • Nature, an inspiration
  • Creative use of natural and artificial light
  • Role of culture and context
  • Consideration of acoustics
  • Consideration of slip resistance


Healing Interiors

  • Patient Centric Design approach
  • Best Practice and evidence-based design (E.B.D) methods
  • Well-founded warm color palette, aesthetically pleasing, calm and non-threatening
  • Selection of healthcare safe finishes and details to avoid harmful infections
  • Robust, cleanable surfaces for a long life and easy maintenance

TAHPI offers the A-Z of Health Planning Services

TAHPI services offered with Interior Architecture can include:

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