Health Facility Planning & Design

TAHPI provides a comprehensive list of services for Health Facility Planning, Design and Procurement world-wide.

TAHPI is one of the oldest and largest health planning firms in the world with over 300 completed projects and close to 30 current projects in 20 Countries. TAHPI’s services are offered from 8 strategically located offices covering from Australasia to Europe and from South East Asia to the Middle East and Africa. TAHPI combines its extensive Research & Development capability with excellence in Healthcare Architecture to deliver world class solutions which are locally and culturally aware.


The design of all health facility types are covered including Hospitals, Clinics, Health Centres, Day Surgery Centres, Dental Centres, Rehabilitation Centres, Laboratories, Clean rooms, Sterilization facilities, Pharmacies, Staff Housing and Recreation, Education Centres, Simulation Centres etc. These facilities may be public or private.


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TAHPI Health Service Planning Experts

Our Health Facility Planning team has the experience to deliver your healthcare project

Healthcare Architecture

  • Site Analysis
  • Campus Zoning
  • Master Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Construction Administration


Medical Planning

  • Briefing
  • Role Delineation Level (RDL)
  • Project Definition Plans (PDP)
  • Blocking and Stacking
  • Schedules of Accommodation (SOA) (Space Program)
  • Room Data Sheets (RDS)
  • Room Layout Sheets (RLS)
  • Departmental Planning
  • Flow Diagrams and Adjacencies
  • Operational Policies


Health Project Design Stages

  • Master Planning (or Site Planning)
  • Concept Planning
  • Schematic Design (or Preliminary Design)
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation (or Detailed Design)
  • Tendering
  • Construction Supervision
  • Contract Administration
  • Defects Liability Period


Project Types

  • Greenfield- new health facilities
  • Brownfield- refurbishment or expansion of existing facilities
  • Factory built- delivered and installed on site
  • Due Diligence- evaluation of existing projects for investors, financiers or authorities
  • Project Reviews- outsourced project reviews on behalf of Health Authorities
  • Project Inspections- outsourced inspections at 90% or 100% completion on behalf of Health Authorities


Modular Design

  • Optional Modular Design for prefabricated construction
  • Detailing based on “Kit of Parts”
  • Access to 3 Modular, Prefabrication Factories
  • Proprietary Modular design components and details
  • 3D prototyping of modular components
  • Full prefabrication including Structure, Walls and MEP services
  • Optional Modular Design for conventional construction


Also see complementation TAHPI services

  • TAHPI Interior Design
  • TAHPI Service Planning
  • TAHPI Equipment Planning
  • TAHPI MEP Design
  • TAHPI International Health Facility Guidelines

TAHPI offers the A-Z of Health Planning Services

TAHPI services offered with Health Facility Planning can include:

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