TAHPI has developed its delivery methods over many years such that we can deliver more efficiently with the minimum of stress. Our methodology utilises several important stages involved in delivery of healthcare projects including the following:


Client Needs
Healthcare projects require a clear understanding of the needs in order to establish a Brief. TAHPI has years of experience in dealing with complex, multilayered client organisations and the preparation of robust Needs Analysis Studies to support the preparation of the Brief.


Health Service Planning
Service Planning starts with the Needs Analysis for health services within a defined population catchment. Statistical analysis is combined with planning skills to identify several directions to proceed. TAHPI’s methodology will guide the client through the development of the service plan.


Briefing (or Functional Program) is a highly specialised field. Preparation of a brief in healthcare projects is unlike any commercial or residential project requiring consultation with a variety of interested parties. TAHPI’s experienced team is skilled in translating the client’s service plan into a set of coherent and medically workable briefs.


Master Planning
The creation of the Master Plan will reflect the long term strategy for the development of the project by projecting the future service demand (typically 10 to 15 years).
“We believe in creating solutions which become the definition of a healing environment”


TAHPI believes in creating the optimum environment for the delivery of high quality, efficient healthcare services tailored to suit each individual project. The solution is robust in terms of the planning infrastructure and yet flexible enough to deal with the future change.


Construction & Commissioning
TAHPI takes the project from design to the end of construction and beyond, including equipment and furniture scheduling and procurement, staff orientation and Operational Policy Development.