TAHPI design Primary Healthcare Centers for UNITEAM

TAHPI design Primary Healthcare Centers for UNITEAM

TAHPI is pleased to have been awarded the contract for the design of six Primary Healthcare Centers, in the Abu Dhabi Region for UNITEAM Investments.

Uniteam is a healthcare employment services company providing a range of integrated recruitment, healthcare employment and management solutions. Uniteam has built its reputation and developed its market share to make it a leading provider of healthcare solutions across a diverse range of sectors including hospitals, clinics, military, government, oil and gas, educational institutions, aviation etc.

Uniteam is awarded a contract by Department of Health ( DOH ) Abu Dhabi to build, own and operate, six primary healthcare clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, with the objective to fill the gaps in the primary healthcare identified by Department of Health, as below:

  • Al Wathba
  • Al Salamat
  • Shakbout City
  • Umm Ghaffa
  • Al Dhara
  • Abu Samarah


Under the consortium of TAHPI and Modular Concepts LLC, the former will be pursuing the design documentation and the latter, the pre-fabrication construction for the project. The consortium demonstrates expertise in modular design and prefabrication concepts and techniques. Our methodology involves the standardization of healthcare components or Modules at every level including Briefing Data, Standards, Guidelines, Design and Construction elements.  TAHPI is committed to the rapid procurement of affordable healthcare facilities utilizing repeatable elements designed and constructed at an industrial scale.

The groundbreaking Ceremony was held on 11 December 2019 at Abu Samrah, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates., which was attended by Neil Clark, Acting Director of Investment and Capacity Management, Department of Health, Abu Dhabi, John Cavanagh, Trade Commissioner of Australian Government and other VIPs in the region.

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