Premiers Export Award 2019 – International Health

Premiers Export Award 2019 – International Health

TAHPI is proud to have been selected for the 4th year running as a Finalist in the 2019 Premiers Export Award under the International Healthcare category. On the 18th September 2019 TAHPI was announced as a Finalist in the prestegious awards event by the Export Council of Australia (ECA), along with their principal partner the New South Wales Government of Australia. For a full list of finalists please see the Export Council of Australia website here.

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Over 2019 TAHPI continues to grow its buisness accross Health Service Planning Professional Services and associcated Software under the brand names HFBS – Health Facility Briefing System, and iHFG – International Health Facility Guidelines. TAHPI has successfully completed several notable programs of work over 2018-19 in International Healthcare contributing to health policy and health infrustructure on behalf of multiple health authorities.


International Health Facility Guidelines & Software

TAHPI offers a turnkey solution for Health Facility Guidelines, providing health authorities accross the world an instant solution to the quality control of key health infrustructure projects. The iHFG – International Health Facility Guidelines provides instant access to a massive database of BIM content in Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD format, the guidelines also covers topics such as:

  • Administrative Provisions
  • Health Facility Briefing and Design
  • Access, Mobility, OH&S
  • Infection Control
  • Engineering Services and Environmental Design
  • Feasibility Planning & Costing Guidelines
  • Equipment Planning Guidelines
  • Health Service Planning
  • Wayfinding Guidelines

TAHPI has provided these services for multiple health authorities both in Australia and Internationally, most recently delivering the Dubai Health Facility Guidelines on behalf of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) – please see our news article on the release of the DHA HFG here. The Health Facility Guidelines are delivered as a suite of software, and are accompanied by the HFBS – Health Facility Briefing System software. HFBS software allows health authorities to ensure compliance with health facility guidelines during all phases of a health infrustructure project – for more informaiton on HFBS please see the infohub website.

For more information on iHFG or to discuss how TAHPI can provide a health facility guidelines solution for your organisation please contact us.


Health Service Planning Professional Services

TAHPI’s capabilities and practice in Health Service Planning are focused on optimizing the use of our client’s valuable resources. This is to engender the efficiency of health systems and assets to meet the changing needs of patients today and into the future. TAHPI challanges and informs the direction of health policy and planning for multiple internaitonal health organisations. For more information on TAHPI’s health serivce planning professional services please see our website or contact us today.

Most recently TAHPI has contributed to the annual capacity planning and international medical tourism investment strategy for a large number of International Health Authorities including the Abu Dhabi Health Authority and the Dubai Health Authority. Please see our recent news article on the release of the Dubai Health Investment Guide here.

HFBS – Health Facility Briefing System Software


TAHPI offers the HFBS Health Serivce Planning Suite of Software to accompany its professional services, the HFBS solution centralises all data required to perform an effective ongoing Supply/Demand analysis of a healthcare system. For more information on the HFBS Service Planing suite please see our recent news article discussing how the Abu Dhabi Health Authority are using the HFBS Software Suite to run an ongoing program of Health Infrustructure Capacity Planning and Healthcare Demand Modelling here.


Health Facility Architecture and Building Design Services

TAHPI offers the full spectrum of Healthcare Architecture, Engineering, MEPF, and Medical Equipment Planning for health facilities both in Australia and Internationally. TAHPI has successfully delivered multiple health facility projects of note most recently undertaking the design and planning of 19 New Cancer Hospitals in Assam India.

For more information on how TAHPI can assist you with your healthcare projects please contact us today and speak to one of our experts.