TAHPI offers a suite of healthcare planning courses to provide you with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to take on specialised professional planning roles in the region’s growing healthcare sector. These programs are the first of their kind to be delivered in the Gulf and provide a unique opportunity for healthcare personnel based in the region. For more information, please contact us on E: / T: +9714-4281348 / M: +971 554533223.


Live Online Training
Courses were delivered in Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, UAE, offering students the opportunity to study in a thriving best-in-class, globally renowned center for healthcare expertise. However, due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, TAHPI has taken the plunge to deliver its courses online via modern enterprise video communication platform – Zoom. Unlike other online trainings, where the sessions are pre-recorded at the convenience of the mentor and used/played at the convenience of the students, TAHPI’s Health Facility Planning Course via Zoom is tied to a fixed schedule with LIVE classes enabling maximum face to face interaction with the tutor. Similar to TAHPI’s in-person classes, the admission of limited students are allowed for online sessions, in order to provide individual attention. Direct interaction with the tutor is a pre-requisite for TAHPI’s Health Planning Courses, considering, the depth of knowledge and information passed on during these trainings.

Healthcare Service Planning Course

The Service Planning Certificate course will introduce you to the methodologies, theories, principles, and tools behind the planning of health services.

Healthcare Service Planning Course

Health Facility Planning Course

Health Facility Planning course will introduce the specialised aspects of health facility planning to candidates with an interest in developing the skills to take on infrastructure projects in healthcare-related sectors.


Healthcare Facility – Building Commissioning & Operational Commissioning Course

This course follows the full spectrum of activities required for hospital commissioning and provides a robust set of tools that can help the health care organization receive patients and commence operations at the earliest possible time.

Operational Commissioning Course

Health Facility Briefing System Course

TAHPI offers courses in the revolutionary health facility briefing system HFBS to provide you with the knowledge, skills and practical experience in using HFBS to handle project planning, briefing, scheduling, asset management and auditing across your entire healthcare facility project.


For more information, please contact us on

E: / T: +9714-4281348 / M: +971 554533223.