Going Global Program participant wins big in the UAE

Going Global Program participant wins big in the UAE

As Going Global Programs for 2022-2023 kick off, a former participant of the Going Global Health and Medtech stream for the Middle East is celebrating significant success in the market.

Wednesday, 7 September 2022

The NSW-based health planning services provider, TAHPI Pty Ltd recently won the contract to prepare the Healthcare Capacity Master Plan for the five Northern Emirates of the UAE, namely Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman.

A joint ministry effort by the UAE Ministry of Health and the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, the project involves assessing supply, demand and policy settings across all types of healthcare facilities, services  and workforce in the five Northern Emirates.

“This scale of work has never been done in the UAE before, and TAHPI will be the first ever company to conduct it,” TAHPI Director, Aladin Niazmand said.

Niazmand explained that while TAHPI’s recent win could be attributed to its previous experience in preparing Healthcare Capacity Master Plans for both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it has benefitted greatly from the continued work with the NSW Government, which included completing the Going Global Program in 2020.

“The Going Global program is a good springboard for entry into international markets, as it assists with innovation and careful risk-taking,” Mr Niazmand said.

He added that while the hard work needed to be done by the companies and their key staff, it was very encouraging and comforting to know that the NSW Government was there to help.

“The NSW Government and its representatives were highly effective in opening doors and establishing TAHPI as a key operator and trusted partner in the healthcare field,” Mr Niazmand said.

TAHPI has been a key health planning and services player, exporting their consulting services to over 20 counties and across 300 healthcare projects. They have received the NSW International Health Exporter award three times in the past decade, including 2021.

Going Global Program participant wins big in the UAE – Investment NSW