TAHPI & HFBS launch Health Insurance Solution

TAHPI & HFBS launch Health Insurance Solution

TAHPI’s software brand HFBS has launched a new set of tools and services offering unique insights and functionality to the Health Insurance Community. The HFBS Health Insurance Solution is a series of web based modules used in conjunction to analyse and plan health insurance products and the health care services they offer to policy holders. The solution offers benefits for payers, providers, and patients.

Services offered in health insurance networks can be complex to plan and manage, and with the ever growing need to offer high quality health care at affordable prices the pressure on service planners in health insurance companies has never been greater. The HFBS Health Insurance Solution offers three integrated modules that can be used to effectively identify areas of opportunity and manage the services offered in your health insurance products.

The solution centralises health service data, identifies optimisations in health services offered, and can be used to search the various services and policies offered in by your health insurance company.

For more information on the HFBS Health Insurance Solution please check the page: http://www.hfbsinfo.com/health-insurance-solution/

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