Health Service Planning Course

The Service Planning certificate course will introduce you to the methodologies, theories and principles behind the planning of health services.


The courses are designed for working professionals and are delivered on an intensive basis ” outside of normal working hours. Each course involves 37 hours of classroom lectures ” including three hours per evening, four days a week for two weeks ” plus two seven hour daytime sessions each Saturday. Each course can be completed in just two weeks. This course is delivered in English.


The topics covered in this programs is as follows:

Health service planning approaches and methods
· In-depth explanation of concepts and terms used in health service planning
· Health service data and conducting statistical analyses
· Statistical framework and foundation of the TAHPI’s Service Planning Module (SPM) structure and functions
· Service planning results and using them in planning practice
· Communicating in written and verbal forms, handling clients and producing effective planning documents

Who are the programs for?
This course is introductory and you are not required to have a detailed knowledge of service planning theory, techniques or tools.


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Health Service Planning Brochure